The geographical location of the server is very relevant due to the possibility of establishing the geographical orientation.


Take into account a server near your locality or region, if you are in America choose dedicated VPS server of united states 100% guaranteed and stable, that will provide you with a very surprising speed and performance, this type of virtual server has a permanent support that Sure you will not be disappointed.




If you choose a server in a continent in which you are not a part, you will surely have a bad experience because precisely the path you are going through to bring you the service is very distant.


If you are in any part of Europe without a doubt the servers of united kindom are the best of the continent have a very organized structure and an impressive speed, go ahead and try a dedicated VPS server of united kindom if you are in any part of Europe.



Dedicated VPS server ASIA. If you prefer a server in this location, I would especially recommend the servers 24/7 from China, Japan and India are the best in the world but it is a shame that its performance power is limited to America, only if you are in Asia or could say Europe Choose a server that will help you eliminate icloud effectively if you are looking to end icloud blocking.